Our Esthetician, John

He is trained in Epicuren skincare products for facials and at home care.  

His main area of concentration is Skin Moderne's UltraFusion & NanoFusion Nano Pen.  

You can find him on Instagram and Facebook.



-Back Treatment 30 minutes | 30 minutes | $75

-Petite facial 30 minutes | 30 minutes | $75

-Classic 60 minute facial | 60 minutes | $125

-Luxurious 90 minute facial| 90 minutes | $200

-Nano Fusion pen | 60 minutes | $150

-Ultra pen | 60 minutes | $135

-Sugaring hair removal | varies


Classic Facial  
60 minutes $125



-Cinnamon Tightening Facelift 
-Pumpkin Facial Peel
-Acne Lift Peel
-Classic Signature Facial
-Luminos Brightening
-Hydrating Stem Cell
-Green Tea Calming Facial
-Relaxing Facial
-Microderm Scrub
A truly customizable Classic Facial designed for your individual skin type.  Treatment includes a gentle cleansing, light exfoliation, extractions as needed, treatment mask, refreshing moisturizer and a soothing face and arm massage to relax and calm your senses.


Nano Fusion Nano Pen | 60 minutes | $150 per session every 1 or 2 weeks for 3 months for best results. 

It’s a results-driven skincare treatment.

Like other esthetic treatments professional skincare products are chosen for the clients’s skin type and specific needs.  NanoFusion facials can be a stand alone treatment, incorporate additional technologies and even be performed in a series with a specific goal in mind. The nano pen uses silicone to open channels in your skin rather than micro needling which uses needles.  The silicone allows serums to penetrate 1000x deeper and also to stimulate collagen production. 

What nutrients are being infused?

Hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, stem cells 

growth factors and more. 


The Results...

Hydration, age management, pigmentation collagen and elastin production, improved tone and texture, reduction of fine lines and pore size. 


Treatment time: 60 minutes

Downtime: none. Just be careful in the sun. 

Results appear:  Noticeable in about 3-4 treatments and fully at 3 months after last session. 


UltraFusion | $135

This is a 10MHz ultrasound device designed for skin therapy that helps your skin feel plumper and visibly improves the skin's appearance with limited side effects for clients. The equipment is considerably different to conventional ultrasonic devices, and can provide an application of ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 10 MHz. 

55 minutes.

UltraFusion Pen