Slocally (aka Made in SLO) made silk pillowcases.  

These pillowcases are amazing for keeping curly hair and extension hair less frizzy. It also keeps your expensive serums from being absorbed into the pillowcase. 

Where are your pillowcases made?

Our pillowcases are professionally handmade here on the Central Coast with a focus on exceptional quality. Your driftli pillowcase will last for many years to come.

Why use a silk pillowcase?

My favorite feature of the our silk pillowcases it how it feels on your skin. It’s super smooth, luxurious and you feel like you’ve indulged in something extravagant. Once you feel and see the difference our pillowcases can make you’ll never want to change back.

Your skin and hair will glide on the pillow rather than drag, which can happen with non-silk pillowcases. That drag can slightly tug on your face and hair and over time cause a crepe like appearance on your skin and damaging friction to your hair.

Silk will also not absorb your evening moisturizers like a cotton pillowcase can. You may even find that you need less moisturizing at night since silk will not wick away moisture from your skin.


What type of silk do you use?

We use 100% Mulberry Silk, grade 6(a), 22 momme. Silk worms fed 100% Mulberry leaves produce smoother more uniform silk threads yielding higher quality silk fabric.

Grade 6(a) refers to the quality of silk and is the highest grade assigned to silk products.

22 momme refers to the weight of silk. Lower weights, such as 19 momme feel significantly thinner and may not wear as well over the years. Higher weights such as 25 momme are typically more suited for heavier items such as drapery. 22 momme offers exceptional wear, has a beautiful sheen and is incredibly smooth to the touch.

What sizes do you offer?

Standard, Queen, King and Memory Foam.