Introducing Epicuren skincare line.

Looking for beautiful, luminous skin? Sick of heavy, greasy type products that leave your skin with a residue? Epicuren skincare offers light weight solutions for your skincare needs.

Introducing Epicuren skincare line. It produces lightweight beautiful results for any type of skin.

Everything is lightweight and absorbs into the skin, leaving you feeling soft, supple and hydrated all day long. This amazing product line delivers what it says on the bottle. If it says calming, you can immediately feel the calming effects work on your skin.

The product scent is subtle and lightweight and does not overpower your senses.

Additional items of note....the product pump disperses just the right amount for your needs.

There are sudsing cleansers and non-sudsing cleansers...something for everyone. They have duo packages for convenience. Morning/evening hydration duos so you can stay supple. They have trial sizes and regular sizes to choose from.

Come check out their skincare line at our salon or order online.

Or book a facial with our esthetician, John. Made in the USA.

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