Want to know about something that can help repair your hair?

I use k18hair on extension hair and regular hair. It is incredible what it did for both hair. With the extensions, it smoothed everything out and made the hair have seamless blend. ⁣

💫It works beautifully on everybody’s hair, whether there are extensions in your hair or not. ⁣It is an amazing product that returns your hair to almost a virgin state. As I love to say with fingers up (that’s 4 finger and not just 1), it only takes 4 minutes. ⁣ Shampoo, rinse, towel dry and apply a small amount, comb through and let it sit 4 minutes, then add styling products as needed.

💫Let me know if you have 4 minutes in your day that need to be filled or looking for new extensions. ⁣🌺

PS. Your hair does not need to be dried. I air dry my hair and it still works like a charm.⁣

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